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Professional Affiliations


Royal Society of Chemistry – Fellow of the RSC (FRSC) (CChem) (CSci)

American Chemical Society – Member

Royal Microscopical Society – Fellow of the RMS (FRMS)

European Microscopy Society - Member

British Carbon Group - Member




Editorial Board:


Functional Nanomaterials (Veruscript)



Journal of Nanomaterials (Hindawi Corporation)

2010-2013 1D Nanomaterials Special Edition




Reviewer of Publications


Scientific Reports [Nature Publishing Group]

The Journal of Physical Chemistry [American Chemical Society]

Nanotechnology [Institute of Physics]

Carbon [Elsevier]

Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification [Elsevier]

Chemical Papers [Springer]

Education in Chemistry [Royal Society of Chemistry]

Soft Matter [Royal Society of Chemistry]

Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science [IMechE]

Journal of Engineering Manufacture [IMechE]                          

Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems [IMechE]

Journal of Engineering in Medicine [IMechE]

Journal of Nanomaterials [Hindawi]



Selected Edited Papers


Yan Wang, Shujing Sun, Guifu Ding, and Hong Wang, “Electrochemical Degradation Characteristics of Refractory Organic Pollutants in Coking Wastewater on Multiwall Carbon Nanotube-Modified Electrode,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2012, Article ID 614032, 5 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/614032

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2012


Hua Qi, O. J. Glembocki, and S. M. Prokes, “Plasmonic Properties of Vertically Aligned Nanowire Arrays,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2012, Article ID 843402, 7 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/843402

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2012


Young-Chul Jeon, Jun-Ho Eum, Sung-Hoon Kim, Jung-Chul Park, and Sung Il Ahn, “Effect of the on/off Cycling Modulation Time Ratio of C2H2/SF6 Flows on the Formation of Geometrically Controlled Carbon Coils,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2012, Article ID 908961, 6 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/908961

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2012


Hong-Quan ZHao and Seiya Kasai, “WPG-Controlled Quantum BDD Circuits with BDD Architecture on GaAs-Based Hexagonal Nanowire Network Structure,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2012, Article ID 726860, 6 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/726860

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2012


Liping Zhao, Ping'an Song, Zhenhu Cao, Zhengping Fang, and Zhenghong Guo, “Thermal Stability and Rheological Behaviours of High-Density Polyethylene/Fullerene Nanocomposites,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2012, Article ID 340962, 6 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/340962

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2012


Bo Qiao, Xuejia Ding, Xiaoxiao Hou, and Sizhu Wu, “Study on the Electrospun CNTs/Polyacrylonitrile-Based Nanofiber Composites,”

 Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2011, Article ID 839462, 7 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/839462

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2011


Kwang-Sik Sim, Sin-Mook Lim, Hai-Doo Kwen, and Seong-Ho Choi, “Electrocatalytic Activity for CO, MeOH, and EtOH Oxidation on the Surface of Pt-Ru Nanoparticles Supported by Metal Oxide,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2011, Article ID 614983, 8 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/614983

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2011


Deyan Peng, Yanjun Huang, Ke Yu, Lijun Li, and Ziqiang Zhu, “Synthesis and Field Emission Properties of Hierarchical ZnO Nanostructures,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2010, Article ID 560409, 5 pages, 2010. doi:10.1155/2010/560409

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah Copyright © 2010


Yong Gan, Fubo Gu, Dongmei Han, Zhihua Wang, and Guangsheng Guo, “Biomimetic Synthesis of Zinc Oxide 3D Architectures with Gelatin as Matrix,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2010, Article ID 289173, 7 pages, 2010. doi:10.1155/2010/289173

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah. Copyright © 2010


Sivakumar VM, Abdul Rahman Mohamed, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah, and Siang-Piao Chai, “Role of Reaction and Factors of Carbon Nanotubes Growth in Chemical Vapour Decomposition Process Using Methane - A Highlight,” Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2010, Article ID 395191, 11 pages, 2010. doi:10.1155/2010/395191

Academic Editor: Steve Acquah Copyright © 2010


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