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Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology  (

Established in 2006 by Sir Harold Kroto (1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) and Steve Acquah, and originally a science based initiative, GEOSET has expanded over the years to encompass the arts. GEOSET has created a global database of freely accessible, on-demand educational material which is typically presented as a dual-video window format, with presenters alongside their slideshow presentations. The material is located our main site with participating institutions hosting local content on their sites such as Florida State University (, Sheffield University, Sussex University ( and many other sites around the world. GEOSET also links to other major sources of educational material such as the Vega archive site and the Royal Society (London).

Bill Nye 'the science guy' officially opens GEOSET Studios

GEOSET Studios  (

GEOSET Studios, the latest addition to the Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology initiative. This is an academic service provided free of charge for the entire university community. Our recording studio primarily targets outstanding educators and gives them a chance to showcase their work. Our main objective is to expand on our cache of focused educational concepts created by our global community of teachers, researchers, undergraduate and post-graduate students, high school students, as well as K-12 / primary school children. The main criterion is that presenters are passionate about their material and can convey that passion to a wider audience. We are here to help you produce rich media presentations to bring to life your ideas. If you have always wanted to record a video for work or your hobbies but have never had the time or the equipment, then please visit the studio or contact us by email and together, let’s broadcast your inspiration!

Studio Floor - Newsroom Set

Immersive augmented reality interaction with a molecule - Workflow designed by Steve Acquah

Watch the test video HERE



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