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The Beautiful Molecule: 30 Years of C60 and Its Derivatives

Acquah, S. F., Penkova, A. V., Markelov, D. A., Semisalova, A. S., Leonhardt, B. E., & Magi, J. M., ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 2017, 6(6), M3155-M3162


A Simple Strategy for the Anchoring of Anatase Titania on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Solar Energy Harvesting

Valmiki Koli, Ananta Dhodamani, Krantiveer More, Steve F. A. Acquah*, Dillip Kumar Panda, Shivaji Pawar, and Sagar Delekar* Solar Energy, 149, 2017, 188-94.


Improvement of pervaporation PVA membranes by the controlled incorporation of fullerenol nanoparticles

Anastasia V. Penkova, Steve F. A. Acquah, Maria E. Dmitrenko, Maria P. Sokolova, Mariya Е Mikhailova, Evgeny S. Polyakov, Sergey S. Ermakov, Denis A. Markelov, and Denis Roizard. Materials & Design 2016, 96, 416-23.


Polyvinyl alcohol Membranes Modified by Low-Hydroxylated Fullerenol C60(OH)12

Anastasia V. Penkova*, Steve F.A. Acquah*, Maria P. Sokolova, Maria E. Dmitrenko, Alexander M. Toikka, Journal of Membrane Science 2015, 491, 22-27


A Synergistic Approach to Light-Free Catalysis Using Zinc Oxide Embedded Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Paper

Yulai Gao, b, Shengjuan Li, d, Bingge Zhao, Qijie Zhaia, Adrian Litab, Naresh S. Dalalb, Harold W. Krotob, Steve F. A. Acquah* Carbon 2014, 77, 705-709


Improved sensitivity for Pd nanoparticle embedded MWCNT paper for gas sensors

Yulai Gao a, b,, Qingguo Bai , Bingge Zhao , Qijie Zhai , Adrian Lita , Naresh S. Dalal , Harold W. Kroto , Steve F. A. Acquah , (SUB)


Optical Properties of Multi Wall Carbon Naotubes Mat (Buckypaper)

Wasan R. Saleh*, Abdulla M. Suhail, Ghuson H. Mohamed, Rajaa H. Mutlk, S.F.A. Acquah* (Draft)


Transport Properties of Cross-Linked Fullerenol-PVA Membranes

Penkova A.*; Acquah S.*; Dmitrenko M.; Chen B.; Semenov K.; Kroto H. Carbon, 2014, 76, 446-450


Low Melting Point Nanocrystalline Sn-Ag Solder Synthesized by a Refined Chemical Reduction Method

Zhai Q, Gao Y.*, Acquah S. F. A.*

Chinese Science Bulletin 2014 (Accepted)


1D Nanomaterials 2013

Steve F. A. Acquah*, Renzhi Ma, Raymond L. D. Whitby, Yanqiu Zhu

Journal of Nanomaterials, 2014, 2 Pages


Carbon nanotubes on a spider silk scaffold

Stevens E.*, Saleh W. R., Lebedev V, Acquah S. F. A, Laukhin V., Brooks J. S., Nature Communications, 2013, 4, 8 pages


Press Coverage (Click on logo to load news):

Piezoelectric Enhanced Cross-Linked Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Paper

Gao Y; Zhai Q; Barrett R;  Dalal N. S; Kroto H. W.; Acquah S. F. A*

Carbon 2013, 64, 544-547


Investigating the formation process of Sn-based lead-free nanoparticles with a chemical reduction method

Zhang W, Zhao B, Zou C, Zhai Q, Gao Y.*, Acquah S. F. A.*, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2013, 9 Pages.


1D Nanomaterials 2012

Zhu, Y.*; Whitby, R.L.D.; Ma, R.; Acquah, S.F.A, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2012, 2 Pages


A flexible cross-linked multi-walled carbon nanotube paper for sensing hydrogen

Ventura D.N., Li S., Baker C. A., Breshike C. J., Spann A. L., Strouse G. F., Kroto H. W, Acquah S.F.A.*, Carbon, 2012, 50, (7), 2672–2674


On Paper the Future is Rosy

Acquah S.F.A.*; Ventura D.N; Kroto H.W. Chemistry & Industry, 2011, 75, (22), 22-24


(Research Highlight)



1D Nanomaterials 2011

Zhu, Y.*; Whitby, R.L.D.; Ma, R.; Acquah, S.F.A, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2011, 2 Pages


1D Nanomaterials 2010

Zhu, Y.*; Whitby, R.L.D.; Ma, R.; Acquah, S.F.A Journal of Nanomaterials, 2010, 3 Pages


Assembly of cross-linked multi-walled carbon nanotube mats

Ventura, D.N.; Stone, R. A.; Chen, K. S.; Hariri, H. H.; Riddle, K. A.; Fellers, T. J.; Yun, C. S.; Strouse, G. F.; Kroto, H. W.*; Acquah, S. F. A.* Carbon, 2010, 48, (4), 987-994.


Direct confirmation that carbon nanotubes still react covalently after removal of acid-oxidative lattice fragments

Wang, Z.; Korobeinyk, A.; Whitby, R. L. D.*; Meikle, S. T.; Mikhalovsky, S. V.; Acquah, S.F.A.; Kroto, H. W. Carbon, 2010, 48, (3), 916-918


Black Paper (Paper Thin Carbon)

Acquah, S.F.A*; Ventura, D.N; Kroto, H. W. Education in Chemistry [RSC], 2010, 47, (4), 107-109

(Front Cover Special)


Poking the nano world with nano fibres (Short Article)

Acquah, S.F.A. RMS Proceedings, 2005


Polar assembly in a designed protein fiber

Smith, A. M.; Acquah, S. F. A.; Bone, N.; Kroto, H. W.; Ryadnov, M. G.; Stevens, M. S. P.; Walton, D. R. M.; Woolfson, D. N.* Angewandte Chemie-International Edition,  2005, 44, 325-328.


Polyurea-functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Synthesis, morphology, and Raman spectroscopy

Gao, C.*; Jin, Y. Z.; Kong, H.; Whitby, R. L. D.; Acquah, S. F. A.; Chen, G. Y.; Qian, H. H.; Hartschuh, A.; Silva, S. R. P.; Henley, S.; Fearon, P.; Kroto, H. W.; Walton, D. R. M. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2005, 109, 11925-11932.


Large-scale synthesis and characterization of carbon spheres prepared by direct pyrolysis of hydrocarbons

Jin, Y. Z.; Gao, C.; Hsu, W. K.; Zhu, Y. Q.; Huczko, A.; Bystrzejewski, M.; Roe, M.; Lee, C. Y.; Acquah, S.; Kroto, H.; Walton, D. R. M. Carbon, 2005, 43, (9), 1944-1953.



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