A promo video produced with the GEOSET Blackmagic 4K Production Camera and Slider. This ungraded video provides an example of the cinematic quality of the camera. 

Watch the video here:

This is the GEOSET Studios promo video that I produced using Videoscribe and Camtasia Studio. The voice-over was provided by a former BBC Television announcer.


SCIENCE BLAST was a pilot for a student based science show. I produced the graphics, video, and audio with a workflow involving Adobe After Effects and Camtasia Studio. 

Watch the video here:

The showcase highlights some of the videos I produced* as part of my work as director of GEOSET.


The Tribute video for Sir Harold Kroto was formed part of the international CARBON conference. It was also part of my talk in New York during an International Education Symposium attended by representatives of UNESCO. I produced this video with a workflow that involved the use of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Camtasia Studio and Audacity.


The video featuring Sachin Shanbhag was produced as part of a series to help new faculty when they apply for NSF-CAREER Awards. I produced this video with the Blackmagic Production camera. 


*Glovebox was produced by our international GEOSET team as a science information show.


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